Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Little Miss Crafty's The Knit Kit Review

The Knit Kit - Review

For those of you who knit, you know there are little odds and ends that we knitters like to have within reach. You also know that because those things, most of the time, are truly little, it makes it hard to knit on the go. Then there was The Knit Kit.

This handy little kit puts everything you might need into a compact little carrying case. It is the perfect size to throw in your bag and take with you on the go. 

There are so many features about The Knit Kit I love; it is hard to find a place to start. I originally asked for this product for Christmas because I have trouble keeping track of stitch counts. I knew The Knit Kit had a stitch counter built in, and it was large enough that I wouldn't lose it in the car when it fell into the neverland between the door and the seat. The stitch counter on the kit is conveniently built right into the design and easy to use. My only complaint would be that there is no way to reset the count all at once; although it isn't difficult to reset it, it would just be nice if there was a way to reset it all at once. 

The next feature I really like about this kit is that there is a built in tape measure. No more digging through my bag looking for the tape measure that unraveled and fell out of the bag - and is now lying somewhere at home. It has a nice release button right on the front of the kit to retract the tape measure when you are done with it.

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