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Review Policy/Disclosure

All reviews are honest. They are also personal, based on our experiences. With the exception of things we have agreed to review already, as of April 2015, all the products we review are purchased by us as regular customers.

We will NOT promote a product, giveaway, or sale if it's not something we have tried. We will also not lie or change reviews unless new information comes to light. We remain focused on ethics first and foremost. We are not blogging for affiliate links or to make money; we do this because we choose to, and we always think first with the reader in mind. Neither of us is comfortable promoting a product we would not use and we will not advise anyone to spend his or her money in a way we do not think it makes sense. Remember, though, this is subjective and based on our experiences.

When it comes to subscription boxes, we discuss our own sense of value from the box. The biggest question tends to be, "Is it worth the expense?" Although many people do like to know the retail value of the items, we feel that's less important than if we feel the box itself is worth the money. A $20 box full of $1000 worth of items that are unusable or not suitable for gifting has less value than a $40 box full of $45 worth of items you can use over and over or truly enjoy. We've found that most subscription boxes have retail values of at least what you pay. If it seems very low, we'll definitely note that, however. In addition, what we consider a good or bad item may not be the same as what a reader considers good or bad. For us, it's about our honest opinions. You can decide from there how you feel about it.

Although we may review books, games, and movies from time to time, we DO NOT generally accept these artistic endeavors for review. We also do not host author interviews or blog tours.

Links may include affiliate or referral links.

About Us

Although this is a new blog as of the end of 2014, we're both experienced bloggers. We are friends and two married women who have always been a little different. Since T (Little Miss Boxy) started getting subscription boxes, she has realized even more what she likes and doesn't in products and in customer service.

Our title is a bit of a play on words, since we focus a lot on subscription boxes, and also because we sometimes think "outside the box," both when it comes to reviewing and as people.

Little Miss Boxy:

T is in her 30's and lives in the Northeast with her husband and their two cats. She has worked in several fields and now runs her own business, as well as freelances, blogs, and provides career coaching to clients in a ton of fields. She's highly educated but easily bored. Her hobbies include video games, traveling, reading, and watching movies and TV. She is quite savvy on pop culture; she also has strong opinions about social issues, loves animals, and is a vegetarian. When it comes to her interests, they basically run the gamut - from board and card games (and video games) and geeky collectibles to handmade soaps, baking, and vegan/vegetarian cooking, and everything in between. She's happiest paying for products that make the world a better place, and her biggest pet peeve is bad customer service. She is deeply passionate about supporting businesses that place kindness as a key objective. Right now, her favorite boxes are PetitVour, Geek Fuel, Awesome Pack, The Music Box, Nature Box, Wantable, EcoEmi, and FabFitFun VIP.

Little Miss Crafty: 

K is also in her 30's. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, a dog and a cat, and three kids ranging from ages 3-9. Right now, she's in school for psychology and works as an educator for the healthcare industry. She loves making things - anything! - and she enjoys sharing with others. K is outgoing and happy to talk to absolutely anyone. She doesn't consider herself a very "girly" girl and her interests tend to be products that make her life easier, make her kids happy, or keep her comfortable, like socks. Her favorite boxes right now are Kiwi Crate and Kiwibop Postcard Pals. Check our some of her Rainbow Loom Creations!

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