Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fulmar Expandable Bamboo Cutlery Organizer Review

Crafty had just come to help us pack our house up for the move and when we received the message about the Fulmar expandable cutlery organizer, she knew it would be perfect. We currently have a smaller one in the drawer, but with the move, it's time to think about what we could use and this was something I commented that we needed. So it came at a perfect time!

This is actually a really versatile product and wouldn't have to be used only for cutlery. It could store arts or crafting supplies, could serve in a junk drawer, or could even organize school supplies. Since it's advertised for cutlery, though, let's focus on that.

Because it's expandable, you really have two options - use the utility drawers or don't. There's also a built-in knife block, which is nice since I know we have one really sharp knife without a home at the moment and we have cut ourselves on it more than once!

The tray is also made of bamboo so it's very sturdy and is a good product for holding items that go near food (not chemically-treated plastic, for example).

I was surprised at how big this was, too, and I know it is going to be a great product as soon as we unpack and settle this summer!

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  1. Not one of your best posts, but a good one nonetheless. By the way, i do like the theme and background of your blog, you've done a good job with that.