Monday, May 4, 2015

MagiKitchen Mesh Strainer Review

I was provided with the MagiKitchen Mesh Strainer for review a while ago and I've had it to review. As you can see in this picture, I was in the process of using it. You may also recognize the bags/labels from Plated, but this meal ended up being a disaster. I haven't reviewed Plated in a while because things kind of imploded with this particular meal. A bit of artichoke got stuck in the garbage disposal and rather than enjoy dinner, we spent the night fixing our sink. 

Anyway, I have had this strainer for a while but hadn't ended up using it since I hadn't made pasta recently. 

One thing I noticed and liked right away was the handle. It's solid and sturdy, which allows you to hold the strainer when using it. All my current strainers are the kind you flip the pot over, so this is new and I like it. It's more likely to get all the water out because I can pour the pasta directly into the strainer. It also means less pasta down the drain!

Another thing I like about the strainer is that it's bigger than it looks. At first I was a little concerned it wouldn't hold enough pasta, but it's fairly deep and once the water is drained, it forms a perfect bowl to hold your pasta. This is also helpful when you're tossing the pasta into something else and need to keep it to the side for a bit, because the strainer can hold it for you.

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