Friday, May 1, 2015

Little Lace Box Review: April 2015

Reviewing Little Lace Box has become difficult for me, because it's such a nice box and a pleasant surprise each month - and every time I see anything online about Little Lace Box, I find myself irritated. I don't understand why this box seems to get so much animosity from the same group of people, but I grow exhausted by it. It's well worth the value, the items are so nice, and it really does cater to a lifestyle of treating yourself well and appreciating the finer things. I suppose that's not something a lot of people do these days, but I really like this box and it makes me happy - and then the negativity that gets thrown at it feels draining. 

Anyway, other people and their issues aside, I thought this box was phenomenal. I smiled while opening it and my husband and I loved every item. 

The market list is great, since we use these all the time for grocery lists and, well, lists about everything! I love that it was designed by one of the sisters who runs Little Lace Box, because that's such a personal touch (and she obviously has talent in this area).

The handmade trinket dish from Stuck in the Mud Pottery is lovely. This seemed to be a big issue for people, because there were two versions. The first was a glazed and completed version with a lacy pattern on the top. It's more modern, but for me, it's less interesting. Still pretty, but the version I received is unglazed and the pattern is on the bottom. The idea is that, over time, the dish will develop a patina and take on an antique look. This is one of the things I absolutely adore about Little Lace Box. Rather than a selection of items that may fit everyone's style, they select items that have meaning for them and fit the lifestyle of the box they've developed. Because they limit subscriptions, it seems like everyone wanted to get in on the box just to be in the "club," but it also seems like maybe a lot of people aren't really interested in the subscription itself or the style of the items. It's hard on those of us who are, because these items really should be appreciated more. This is one of the most thoughtful subscriptions I have seen. There's a lot of comparison to POPSUGAR Must Have, but I feel like they're very different. One (PSMH) seems to be about trendiness and mass appeal, while LLB is more about style and a specialized lifestyle. It's not not trendy, but it's not really about what's hot right now, rather what's meaningful in a lifestyle. It makes sense in my head, even if I can't seem to communicate it here.

Anyway, we also received an adorable hand towel, and I will definitely love having this in my kitchen.

Of course, a kitchen box included some food and we received pasta, balsamic, and olive oil. All subscribers also received a full-sized bottle of either, which we redeemed on the site. My husband and I already selected the blood orange olive oil! I am so excited for that.

I also really liked the dish soap, which is something I use a lot of and will be happy to have. Everything in this box will be great in my new house, because the kitchen has a very old-fashioned country feel.

The last two items included a set of mini dipping bowls for the olive oil (or really anything). They are so cute. I should also note that the whole box was very well packed, which each item wrapped in bubble wrap to keep it safe during shipping. 

We also received the black olive pate. Subscribers were sent one of a variety of items in this case, with some receiving sauce or pesto. Since we are vegetarians and many pestos include rennet, I am happy we got the pate, as there is nothing we can't eat in it. I will bring this to a holiday so we can share!

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  1. Looks like a great box! I saw some of the other comments you're referring to and I also couldn't figure out why people were complaining, but I didn't get the box myself. I'm new to sub boxes and have been mainly focused on beauty ones but I'm starting to look at more of the lifestyle boxes - LLB is on my list to watch & research. Thx for your review!