Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My Geek Box Review: April 2015

I think this was the April My Geek Box, but it may be March since getting from the UK to US takes forever sometimes. I have to admit that I was so disappointed with this, but mostly because I had high expectations. My Geek Box only recently started shipping to the US again and I've seen some of their boxes and wanted to sign up so badly. I noticed they often included candy and British candy is hard to get here, especially now that we're not allowed to have Cadbury, and they also tended to heavily gear themselves toward British stuff like Doctor Who and Sherlock. I feel like this stuff is sorely lacking in all the geek boxes I get, so I was really excited when this arrived. Sadly it wasn't great British fandoms, but mostly more of the same.

I will say that the shirt is pretty nice and the design is great. Although I'm inundated with Avengers, I understand that every box is kind of capitalizing on the movie release right now, which makes sense. Hopefully they'll all do the same when Doctor Who returns in the fall.

We also received an Adventure Time mug. I have to admit I don't watch this although I would probably like it. Still a mug is useful and it's cute.

The other items, though, were pretty much meh. I don't really understand why we get send MegaBloks, since I thought these were for kids. I guess people like making their own collectibles, though? Either way, I don't, but to each his own. I'm giving My Geek Box another go because this could just be a bad month. (Also why do these pictures insist on being upside down?)

Finally there was an Optimus Prime bottle opener keychain, which could be useful, I suppose, and an Avengers wallet. I did really like the Grapeheads, though. Hopefully next month will be more enjoyable and maybe with my expectations more realistic, it won't feel so disappointing.


  1. The gifts look interesting. The shirt is nice, and the cup looks cute. I would suggest the writer not to be disappointed. Hopefully next time something better will arrive.

  2. This could be an interesting gift for anyone specially kids. Because they love games and their favorite cartoon characters printed on everything they use. But i liked this cup.