Monday, May 4, 2015

Treatsie Review: April 2015

This is going to be a terrible review, because I have to admit something. I have a ridiculous Treatsie addiction. The reason the review will be terrible is because I didn't get pictures of the box, since I was so quick to tear the box open and start enjoying it! 

So every month, before your subscription box ships, Treatsie also invites you to add on treats. I gave in this month and added a few as well, and the shipment notice came in about a week before it arrived. On scheduled delivery day, I waited quite impatiently. The FedEx driver didn't come until after 7 PM!!! I asked my husband every ten minutes if the box had come, but thankfully it finally did. At which point, I opened and split the box between us and started enjoying my portion. Only to realize I didn't have my camera. 

One of this month's featured items were marshmallows between butter cookies and held together with caramel. Although this sounds yummy, these had gelatin and so they were taken to my husband's work with him to be given away. 

Another of the featured item's was the PB&J chocolate bar, which is made with peanut praline and raspberry pate. I haven't tried this yet but it sounds fantastic and knowing Treatsie, it will be. 

Also featured was a variety of mini chocolate bars in great sounding flavors that we haven't tried, either, as well as chocolate covered corn nuts and pretzels. I don't have pictures because these were split up and are now in various locations, but everything sounds wonderful. 

For add on items, we added some caramels that were gone quickly, chocolate bars, and these caramel treats below. The only thing we've finished was the caramel pack, which came in a cute Treatsie bag. I've recently discovered that salted caramel is one of my favorite things ever and there were salted caramels, too, so it was delightful. These little caramel confections are also amazing and the chocolate bars sound fantastic. 

I'm always excited for Treatsie to arrive and it's always so yummy! I just get disappointed when there's gelatin in the snacks because then I can't eat them. If that starts to happen a lot, I may just have to cancel and order items directly, but hopefully it will not!

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  1. It looks good to me and I so want to try this out. I love reviews as they made my life easy to make decision regarding what to buy and what not to. Good post, thanks for sharing the review