Saturday, May 2, 2015

Balance Bath Pillow Review

I love to take baths. When we bought our new house several years back, I told my husband that if we did not get the upgraded bathroom for the master bath, I wasn't moving. I love to sit in our jacuzzi tub to read, without the distraction of the three kids, but I admit eventually my neck gets pretty stiff. Then I was sent the Balance Bath Pillow for review, and now my concern is falling asleep in the tub!

This bath pillow is different than the ones I have tried in the past. It is larger, featuring two sections that allow you to to place it at just the right angle for both your tub and your neck. Also, some of the other ones I have tried have been inflatable, so they slowly deflate while you are using them. Worse yet, they sometimes develop holes. The pillow from Balance is foam with a vinyl covering on it so there is no worry about deflation or holes.

When I tried this pillow out, it took me a while to get it adjusted to support my head and neck just right, but eventually I got it. The thing I found to be the most difficult was actually getting the suction cups to release from the side of the tub so that I could adjust it; they are seriously strong. I filled the tub, grabbed my book, and laid my head back to relax. With the pillow to rest on, my neck doesn't get stiff, which means I don't get a headache from holding it up; my family could lose me for hours to the tub now.

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