Tuesday, May 5, 2015

SH&SH Pizza Cutter Review

So I like to make homemade pizzas, because 1. I love pizza and 2. I like easy meal prep. Of course when you make homemade pizza, sometimes the crust can be tough to cut through and although we have some knives to do the job, the end result isn't always pretty. Therefore, I was excited to review the pizza cutter from SH&SH.

Sadly, I am a bit of an idiot. I should have sent this to Crafty for review because as I was packing up my kitchen, leaving only the necessities until we move, I discovered we already had a pizza cutter. I didn't even know we had one!

Anyway, the biggest difference between a knife and pizza cutter is simply that this is designed to roll through the pizza, while a knife can make a mess. Pizza cutters, and this one especially, also are balanced for just that and this has a nice sturdy handle to make getting through even the toughest crust possible.

Right now, we are not really making pizza at home, since we aren't doing a ton of cooking beyond things in the fridge or in cans so we don't have to move them or throw them away. However, once we move and settle in, I will definitely be using this - and it's partner I forgot I had! ;)


  1. A pizza cutter sometimes is as compulsory for pizza as cheese is. Your review can help many of us who forgot to carry a pizza cutter and end up in a mess by using a knife.

  2. Nice review! Pizza cutter is a handy too that makes the task of pizza cutting easy without creating mess. This looks like a good choice for pizza cutting.