Saturday, May 2, 2015

Paws & Play Dog Box Review

Boxy's cats get spoiled every month. After all, they are her children. (Also, they are cute enough to deserve it - trust me.) However, when Paws & Play offered us a pet box for review, Boxy was kind enough to consider my dog. Thanks, Boxy! 

We have a Jack Russell/Beagle mix who is about 11-years-old. She has some spunk, but as she gets older, the lazier she becomes. When she was a puppy, she literally chewed on just about anything, but now she tends to favor the kids' stuffed animals that they leave around the house. At least once a day she will going tearing through the house with a stuffed animal in her mouth and proceed to flip it in the air as though it is attacking her. When she is finished, she promptly falls right back to sleep like nothing ever happened.

Paws & Play sent us the medium standard box for review, which is $19.95 a month. Included in the box was a bag of treats, a really cute squash stuffed toy with a squeaker inside, a pig snout, a gourmet dog biscuit, Tucker's Chicken and Bacon treat for dogs, and a teeth cleaning chewy treat. This is not the only option that Paws & Play offers, though; they have a wide variety of boxes for both dogs and cats, including B.Y.O.B (Build Your Own Box) and boxes that, when purchased, give back to certain charities. This is something that both Boxy and I look for in a company. We believe in doing good, and this makes it easy.

I love this box for the most part. I will be honest that the pig snout really sort of grossed me out a bit. I get that dogs love to chew on things like rawhide and pigs' ears, and that these things benefit the dog, but I just couldn't get over the actual snout in the box. Even my dog looked at it funny and walked away. She was not kneen on the Northren BARK, either, which was the dental chew, although that sounded good to me, since it was a pumpkin recipe. She did love the treats and the PLAY squash squeaky toy, which the kids are happy about because maybe she will start to leave their stuffed animals alone. We haven't given her the chicken and bacon dog treat yet, but I think she will like this one because she loves chicken and bacon.

Overall, I would recommend this to pet owners, and it seems like a good deal. However, because my dog is older and very picky, it wasn't something she truly loved. I think she would rather spend her time sleeping instead of getting treats or playing with toys.

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