Friday, February 27, 2015

Crafty's Rainbow Loom Bracelet Creations

First attempt 
A month or so back, Boxy sent me a picture of a Rainbow Loom Steampunk bracelet that she really liked. I tried to find a tutorial that I could use to make it because I am not great at making my own designs. Well, just last week the creator put out a tutorial on YouTube.

Loom all set up and ready 
Artisan Loom is responsible for the design, as well as the tutorial. However, I played around with the colors and charms a bit. The first one I made I wasn't sure I loved. The beads within the flowers were too big and the flowers were too close to the charm. Although Boxy said it was nice, I just wasn't happy with it. Ultimately it would be hers and if she liked it, I could have stopped there and mailed it to her. However, I really wanted her to LOVE it. To me, this version was just "meh" and that wouldn't cut it. 

So I tried again and had a few runs with bands breaking and trouble getting the pattern right. After I tried two more times, I completed one today. Right away, I sent a picture to Boxy, who was very pleased. Instead of "it's nice," I got "that is awesome." This made me very happy because I wanted it to be perfect for her. I always love making things for other people.

Once I got the hang of it, the pattern was really easy to do. I used smaller beads for the flowers and placed them farther away from the middle, where the charm was going to go. I am really pleased with how this turned out!

Finished product for Boxy 
Meanwhile, my 9-year-old daughter wanted me to make her one with old-fashioned keys on it. She liked the pattern but not the colors, so I thought I would play around a little more. I ended up using silver, two shades of purple, clear glitter, and some glitter gold as well. She also loved her bracelet and my kids are glad that Mom has finally returned their looms back to them!

This project, all in all, took a combination of three looms, but it was so worth the extra effort and time just to get the response I got from both Boxy and my daughter!

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