Friday, February 27, 2015

MixCups Review: February 2015

They're not environmentally friendly, but Keurig coffee makers are useful, especially when you're like me and are the only coffee drinker in the house. Making a whole pot is usually useless so I find the one cup machines helpful. Getting the K-cups can be expensive, and you are limited in trying many varieties, though, because it's hard to spend $10 or more if you aren't sure you'll like a flavor.

That's where MixCups comes in. They have several plans, including decaf and tea plans if you prefer those, and their most popular options are either a 10 cup or 30 cup box. I started with the ten, which is one of each flavor (five flavored and five not, although you can get only nonflavored if you like). However, I went through those fast so I signed up for 30. I still have a few left over from last month, but I also have several of my own boxes I got for Christmas in the cabinet. This is a good option for me, because you still get the ten flavors, but three of each. Again, if you hate a flavor, you're only stuck with those three cups rather than a box.

Another thing I like is that you are introduced to different brewers and these are usually companies you wouldn't find in regular stores. I love the companies I've gotten and I get excited now when I see new cups from them.

As you can see, it's a lot of coffee and I do feel pretty awful about the environmental impact. I would be willing to pay more if MixCups offered something like a recycling return program when they sent the next month's box. Maybe that's in the cards?

I already drank two of the Kona, because if you're a coffee drinker, you know that's good stuff! I also had two of the Chocolate Mint. I like that most of these flavors are not too strong. I'm not a big flavored coffee drinker although I don't mind shaking it up once in a while. Sometimes I make two cups in one and mix flavor with nonflavored just to get that little bit of extra.

I really do recommend MixCups if you use a Keurig because you're getting great variety and the coffee is good. Hopefully down the line we will all figure out a way to reuse the cups more.

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  1. I think this is an excellent gift box for all the friends that have a Keurig. We used to find the assortment Green Mtn boxes of Kcups - the kind that came with a Keurig when you bought it. Now only a few stores have them on sale. My thrill with the Keurig was everyone getting there specific choice from light breakfast blend to expresso. Thanks for the review