Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Geeky Goodies Review: February 2015

For all the hype that a certain geek subscription box gets (let's call it Voldemort from now on), I find it disappointing that people are suckered into a less than top quality geek subscription box. There are so many better options. Nerd Block is a big one, although it can be expensive, but there are also tons of other boxes. For two months, I have been so happy with My Geeky Goodies. Last month, this was on my top five list and I loved this month's box! This is definitely one of the best.

Each month, there is a theme and this month's theme was "Throwback Toy Box." Man, it was awesome. If you grew up in the '80s and '90s, you've probably noticed your childhood is now becoming popular again. My Geeky Goodies prides itself as a box for geeks BY geeks and I do think they really do understand their demographic. Also, unlike Voldemort, they don't send you random paper goods or marketing materials.

As you may have noticed, there was a My Little Pony in the box. Yay! I love that the box really hit on both my and my husband's childhood hobbies. Although there's a good deal of crossover in our interests, it's nice to see something that was a huge part of growing up for me.

In contrast, my husband got a set of Transformers figures! I watched the show, but was more of a Gobots girl. Lol. Yeah, I know. But it was so much fun for us both - he was going through his Transformers and I was playing with my My Little Pony.

I got pretty giddy over the DVDs included. I have never seen C.O.P.S., but I think I may have just missed it age-wise. I never mind throwback Saturday morning cartoons, though. Especially now that those are no longer a reality. Isn't that tragic?

But He-Man? I LOVED He-Man as a kid. I had so many He-Man items. I also loved She-Ra, since gender roles were far more inherent in the 80's, but anything Masters of the Universe makes me happy. My husband also loved He-Man and we actually bonded over it in college. So this is amazing for us.

In keeping with the He-Man theme, check out the shirt! When it was wrapped up, I saw the eyes and thought maybe it was a Tonberry (which also would have been awesome), but this is fantastic! We also got a coupon to get more shirts at a discount. This is a high quality shirt and it's hard to tell but it's in purple. I love it!

If you're a geek and like subscription boxes, you should consider leaving the Dark Side and checking out these other companies. The consistency is better and My Geeky Goodies guarantees a shirt or Funko Pop! in every box. Plus there's something awesome about a company that really feels like it's run by true nerds who know their pop culture and don't just hop onto whatever is popular to make a buck. In the two months I've been with them, the products have gotten right to the heart of geekdom and I appreciate that so much.

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