Saturday, February 28, 2015

Resilience Box Review from Both Boxy and Crafty: February 2015

We both seek out companies and boxes that give back, are natural, promote mental and physical well-being, and also are cruelty-free. For Boxy, this has been a way of life for many years, although for Crafty, this process is new. When we were approached by Resilience Box to review their new subscription box, we were both really excited to give them a try.

Resilience Box is new to the subscription box world. We both love the concept behind it. This is a company by a woman, designed to help promote awareness of illnesses that afflict women in all walks of life. They also support non-GMO products and companies run by women in an effort to celebrate women who have beaten the odds in this world. We are both so happy to support women who aim to inspire others!

This month's theme is women's heart health. The box includes a huge tote bag that is quite sturdy and also reminds you to care for yourself. Boxy was very excited for this, because she likes tote bags and especially bigger ones.

Everything came very well packages, with little individual surprises inside and even a personally addressed card. It's hard not to love a company that takes the extra time to do something like this for customers!

The whole box was full of helpful and healthy items.

We each received the super soft, V-neck Resilience shirt, which is red to represent the theme. It's fitted and stylish, which is nice since it does cater towards women. Crafty models hers here, although she found it a bit tight in the chest. However, the box does encourage health and working out, so the shirt is an added incentive! Boxy tends to prefer her shirts giant, although come summer, this will be a nice bonus. It was also nicely wrapped in its own box, which is such a sweet touch.

Also included was a booklet on women and heart health. Crafty really loves this, because she works in the medical field and can use it both personally and professionally. What's nice for us, too, is that we can both check with each other on some of the tips. Boxy is always on Crafty about her smoking habit, and Crafty has to frequently remind Boxy about her stress levels. Here are valuable tips for us both that also help us support one another. As women, we need to remember that we can be affected by heart attacks as well as men, and in fact, it's a huge cause of death for women, too. There is some really great and helpful information in this little book, such as the warning signs of a heart attack, ways to keep the stress down, and even suggestions for heart-healthy exercises.

We each got the bar of handmade soap in cherry, and it smells wonderful! As soon as the box was opened, it filled the air! Crafty received a tube of mint green tea and Boxy got a naturally made pencil. These are great bonus items. The tea is healthy and helps burn fat and improve brain function, and the pencil is natural and useful!

Resilience Box also included a bunch of snacks, but their packaging was awesome! The items were tucked into pockets inside a travel pouch that you can tie up in a compact roll before workouts or during the work day. This is a brilliant concept and it's really convenient. We will make use of these for sure. In fact, Boxy loves that it just helps her cabinets be a little less overwhelming! :)

All the bars were natural and non-GMO. Crafty has tried the one from Two Moms; it was excellent and only contained nuts and grains. She will be putting the little roll to good use by stashing some bars in the pockets and tossing it in her bag for when she needs a boost or one of the kids is "starving" when out running errands. Boxy is thrilled, because her husband loves bars for work and all of these are perfect flavor- and ingredient-wise. The Santa Barbara bars in particular are already a favorite.

Overall, this box was fantastic! The one thing though that makes it even better, too, is how kind and helpful the people at Resilience Box have been. They not only provided this box to both of us for review, but they are also communicative via email, as well as on social media. They genuinely make an effort to know people with whom they interact and that says a lot to us. A company that wants to know its customers and provide them with the best information and product that they can is always one we want to see thrive. Customer service is so very important to us both and Resilience box has it in spades! To top it off, the box is something everyone can enjoy, and their entire purpose is something we should all get behind. Nothing like empowerment through health, a little shopping, and kindness!

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