Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cordskinz Review

So Boxy told me she was having Cordskinz sent to me to help keep my earbuds untangled. I didn't know that I had that problem, but decided I would give it a whirl. Cordskinz is one of those things that, once you have them, you think, Why didn't I think of that?

Cordskinz makes covers for your earbud cords, which help keep them untangled. When you purchase them, you receive two sets of covers (two covers in each set) for your earbuds. There is a variety of colors to choose from, including clear.

I received both glitter pink and lavender in my package and decided I would send Boxy the lavender ones to try. She doesn't use earbuds as much as I do, but she shouldn't have to fight with tangled cords, either!

There are two cord covers, or Cordskinz, in each set, as well as what they call a "skinner," a small blue disk that allows you to put the covers on your earbuds with no trouble at all. You just need to trim them to fit around your microphone; if they are too long, a regular pair of scissors works just fine. 

I originally put the pink ones on the earbuds I travel with, which are the ones I keep in my purse. I use them when I am expecting a call while driving or out of the house, so I like to have them  handy. The other day, I got in my car and knew that I was getting a call so I reached in my bag and out came my earbuds: perfect, untangled, and ready to be used. I honestly didn't think much about it at first. Until today, when I sat down to use my other set of earbuds to listen to my online class.

I use my earbuds because sitting in a seminar with a three-year-old around makes it hard to hear without them. I grabbed my "inside" earbuds and, as I sat down with 15 minutes until class, I worked to untangle the cords. That's when it hit me - Cordskinz  really do make a difference in my life!

I am not hard to please really. I'm all about anything that makes my life - with three kids, a husband, work, and school - a little easier. This product was very quickly added to my list of things that truly do.

My one set of glitter pink Cordskinz was actually enough to pretty much cover both sets of earbuds and keep them untangled. I actually threw both sets on my couch as I sat down to write this review and I am happy to report that they are easily separated from each other!  

To top it all off, Cordskinz is a company whose mission is all about giving back to the world. They support organizations like the Humane Society and Out of Darkness: Enabling Women to Escape the Streets. That's even more reason for me to happily purchase these in the future for gifts or just to change up earbuds a little bit. Plus they are MADE IN THE USA, which is really a nice bonus!

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