Thursday, February 19, 2015

Nature Box Review: February 2015

Oh, Nature Box, how I love you! I get so happy when I see your box on my porch!

If you are not familiar with how Nature Box works, they have tons of snacks available, which you add to your pantry. Then, in typical subscription box fashion, they mail you a box each month complete with the top five items on your pantry list. If you have nothing listed, they will surprise you. You can change your pantry any time before shipment, too, so if you get a sudden craving for something, just sign in, move it into your pantry and to the top, and it will be on its way. You can also add extra snacks if you like for $3 each. We added a sixth bag this month, as you will see.

For starters, we got Jalapeno Cashews again, which I didn't get a picture of since we got them last time. My husband really loves these. As he said, I get many boxes, and he just really wants these cashews and that's enough for him!

We also added Coconut Cashews this month, which are so yummy! They're coated in enough coconut to have that extra flavor, without feeling like you're not eating a cashew. The bag is already half gone for these!!

There were two granola bags, which was likely poor planning on my part in the pantry, since we already have a lot of granola in the house. One was French Vanilla Almond and the other was Banana Bread. The Banana Bread was more like granola clusters with raisins. Both are really tasty and my husband actually liked the Banana Bread and didn't expect to like it since he's not a big fan of bananas.

I loved the Greek Yogurt Pretzels. These common in different flavors, too, like blueberry and strawberry, but we went plain this time. They're such a nice mix of salty pretzel with somewhat sweet yogurt.

Our last snack was Garlic Parmesan Pop Pops, which is basically popcorn with cheese and garlic. This was awesome and it's going to be gone very, very soon.

Now I just have to wait a month for another box!! :(

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