Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cult Cosmetics Summer Essentials Beauty Kit Review

We are on the mailing list for Cult Cosmetics, because they have (had?) a nail polish subscription box. However, as neither of us wear a ton of nail polish, we haven't tried it yet. When they sent an email about a sale happening, though, I decided to look around the site. I was happy to find a full kit available at a reduced price and I ordered right away!

This is technically the Summer Essentials Beauty Kit, but I was looking for something basic and this fit the bill. The kit includes a 7-piece makeup brush set, an eye shadow and blush palette from BH Cosmetics, a top coat, mascara, and lip matte from Cult, a makeup bag, and hair ties.

Honestly, I wanted the brushes more than anything, because I don't have many and this is a nice set that is all in one place. I was pretty happy just to have this.

I like these hair ties, rather than the elastics I've used for so long, because they don't tear your hair out when you wear them a lot. I also love purple, so these are extra cute. I didn't try the mascara (I'm not sure how old the makeup is if it's a summer kit and mascara is one I don't know about using if it's old). The lip matte is a nice color - it's a little overly red, but doesn't roll on that shade (it's more like a gloss). It also has a mirror on one side of the bottle and a little on the lid/brush. That's convenience!

My picture of the eye shadow and blush didn't save, but it has several colors, a mirror, and a variety of shades depending on your personal preference. I probably won't use the nail polish, but I like the color.

Overall, for what I paid for this, it was a definite value. I would be interested in more kits like this, since I don't use enough nail polish to justify a subscription.

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