Friday, February 20, 2015

Estilo Cards Review: February 2015

I'm pretty excited about Estilo Cards! I just love the quality of them and I love that they're made by independent artists, not to mention that they even send you the stamps! After trying them out one month, I decided to subscribe and I'm so glad I have.

With it being February, there was clearly an emphasis on cards relating to love, but all of these can be used for various occasions, which I like. I enjoy having cards ready for any reasons and Estilo helps with that. 

The first card was a hand drawn heart, labeled Corina. The card was made as part of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center's Children's Art Project. Corina is a ten-year-old girl from Houston, according to the card. I love that a card like this is included, and I think it really demonstrates how awesome Estilo Cards is. 
There was a handmade card that said love, but it's blank inside so it could be used for many purposes. This was made by Silly Angel Cards, a local business for Estilo. It's very pretty and a nice small notecard to send someone.

The other small notecard is awesome. It reads, "You choose to use your powers for good. You're a superhero to me." I like that this can be used as a thank you, a congratulations, or a just because card. I also appreciate how it gives you a chance to show gratitude towards someone just for being a good person, because we could use more of that!
The last card is a wood card and I can't get enough of how cool these are. This is definitely a Valentine's Day card, since it says "I (majorly) love you," but it's so nice that I don't want to give it away! 

Estilo Cards' motto is "bringing paper back" and in the world of email and texting, it's so nice to see something dedicated to a more personalized approach. I'm really happy with this subscription and I recommend it! 

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