Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pet Box Review: February 2015

Pet Box recently had a deal on Groupon, so I signed up. My cats get very demanding when they have to wait too long for boxes addressed to them! Of course, most of their orders arrived at the same time, so they still have to wait a bit for their next deliveries.

One thing I really liked about Pet Box (besides the fact that they donate to rescue pets) is that you can get a surprise box OR you can order items with credits. Since we had a bunch of boxes coming for the cats, I decided to choose my own selection this month, selecting items that they would like.

We picked a variety of toys, as well as a bag of treats. One of the toys was a giant mouse that was taken from the box before I could get a picture. I'm looking forward to waking up with that on my pillow one morning and freaking out!

We also got a catnip refillable toy, a laser pointer mouse, two little "candies" that were a huge hit, and the treats. It's a fairly straightforward box, but choosing my items was nice. The cat toys are gathering in a giant pile in the den so I liked that these were mainly small and also toys I knew they'd go for (although you never know with cats, since they change their minds minute by minute).

I will probably try something a little more unique for next month, but this was a nice treat for the cats, even if they've been spoiled lately!

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