Thursday, February 12, 2015

Wantable Accessories Review: February 2015

How does Wantable do it?! I'm a really picky shopper, especially when it comes to "girly" things like makeup and jewelry and clothes. I also tend not to like the things a lot of other people like, so I find myself struggling to find things. This is my second Accessories collection from Wantable and I really cannot believe how spot on they've been both times!

The first item was a pair of sunglasses. Although I usually wear prescription glasses, I included sunglasses on this survey because I was open to a pair. These are cute and definitely my style, even if I won't wear them much.

Generally I prefer silver jewelry, but I love that you can update your survey responses anytime. This time, I was open to gold and multi-tone along with sunglasses, because I don't mind having some jewelry in gold. I just like a predominance of silver. 

The earrings they chose for me are absolutely gorgeous and would go really well with the scarf from my last box! They are a little heavy, but I don't wear earrings often and I think these would look great with several outfits for a night out. 

The first necklace in the box actually could go with the earrings as well, if I didn't choose to use the scarf. It's long and delicate with one stone and some fringe at the end. I specifically noted that I like jewelry that's not too simple and not too bold, and I think this capture that perfectly. I also asked for long necklaces with a single chunky charm at the end and both fit that request.

The final item was another necklace (I really love necklaces) and it's amazing. I squealed over because I love it so much! :) There's a thin gold piece over a large creamy white stone, both leaf-shaped. I could wear this with so many things and I absolutely adore it!

You really can't go wrong with Wantable, because you can return your box if it doesn't work for you. My least favorite item from both boxes was still nice, and both times it was the cheapest, too, so I am definitely getting value from this subscription. So much so that I ordered a second February collection!

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