Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Try the World Paris Box Review

I have to admit I'm confused. I signed up for Try the World back in December, and the deal was that I would get the Paris Box and gift card, as well as start my subscription with their Venice Box. However, clearly something got lost in transmission, because they didn't send me anything, didn't know I wanted the box, and basically had no idea I even had an account. So after a nightmare with customer service, I got my money back and was done with them

Needless to say, I was therefore surprised when I got an email with tracking info on my Paris Box. It's been almost two months, and I never got Venice and ended up canceling. So why were they sending me anything? To confuse matters even more, lately Try the World has been favoriting my posts on Twitter. I thought we had clearly had a breakup, but they don't seem to know we did.

I'm all for second chances, and I might have tried again down the line if it looked like they got things together. However, I witnessed something unacceptable yesterday. Several customers had posted complaints on their Facebook wall. A couple hours later, they were gone. Try the World sends endless messages promoting themselves and talking about how Huffington Post loves them, yet silences paying customers with legitimate concerns. One woman has waited three months for shipment and can't get a reply via email. Another received broken and expired items. It is not ethical or reasonable to present your business so falsely.

Anyway, I did get the box out of the blue, so here's what was in it and what I thought. 

There were several items in the box - and they were definitely top quality. I really wish Try the World was not such a disaster, since I can see how valuable the box could be!! There was a jar of Dijon mustard, as well as another of jam. 

I loved the little container of salted caramels, not only for the caramels but also for the adorable container! I will definitely keep this to put little buttons or earrings in or something, because it's a nice container and it's from France. :)

There was also a bar of chocolate, a tube of chestnut spread, and two "bonus" jellied fruit sticks. These were so tasty and I can happily report they're gelatin-free!!

The last item was a box of cookies from La Mere Poulard, a famous bakery in Mont St. Michel known for their omelettes. Clearly no one can send omelettes, but cookies are a perk! Sadly these did not make it from Mont St. Michel through customs to Try the World headquarters and then to me via the USPS very well. So they're more crumbs from the famous bakery. They taste fine, though, so maybe I can use them in a recipe or something. 
I liked that there was something from La Mere Poulard, because I've actually been there! I've been to Paris several times, but Mont St. Michel is a long way out (not sure it's really a Paris box, but more of a France box - not that it's a bad thing to be France in general). I tried the cookies when I was there, too, and I love these items feel authentic. Why, oh why, can't Try the World have better service? :( Why can't they actually get a clue about running a business, as it's useless to make a nice box when you're so inept you can't actually make sure people who pay for it get it?

Here's my photo of omelettes being made from La Mere Poulard! :) I love their shop. It's so cute.


  1. I'm glad you finally got your subscription box!

  2. I suppose, but the stuff was broken, it took two months, and the company lies outright to customers and deletes any concerns from social media. I won't be giving them another dime.

  3. I'm sorry that you had to go through all of this! I've never tried them out but I do feel bad. I've been sharing their link through NeoReach for a while now. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. I'm sorry you had to go through all that. And for all those customers to complain and some not get a response sends a bad vibe about them. Glad you got your box though :)