Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cate & Chloe Review: February 2015

Cate & Chloe is a jewelry subscription service that provides you with 2-3 items each month valued at $200 or more. This is not a customized service, although there is a survey, and you appear to receive the same pieces as other subscribers, which will range from necklaces to earrings, bracelets, and rings. VIP members are supposed to get a welcome gift, too, which may have been included in this box, but I'm not sure.

Inside the box were two jewelry boxes and a velvet bag, as well as the information card. I loved the packaging of this box - each jewelry item is in a very nice box by itself and tied with ribbon. It not only makes the items nicer, but it also serves to make these lovely gifts.

Inside the velvet bag were two silver wine charms. Again, these may have been my extra gift (this was my first box), since there was nothing explaining them in the box. They're beautiful but I would think a really nice system for VIP subscribers would be to send new members a charm bracelet and then include monthly charms or something. I really wasn't clear on how these wine charms ended up in the box, although they're very pretty!

This month's jewelry included earrings and a bracelet. I wear earrings, but only dangly ones, and the bracelet wasn't my style. However, both items were very nice and I think one may work its way into our giveaway! ;) You will have to wait to see which one it will be.

The earrings were a set of Sally "Princess" earrings, made from cubic zirconia. These are both elegant and classy and would be nice for an evening out, without costing a fortune! Again, I really love that the box was tied and the earrings were presented in such a nice way. They have a list price of $135.

The second item was the Rachel "Beautiful" Rose Gold Bracelet. Both professional and dressy, it's an easy item to wear both to work and later that night. This has a snap and is very delicate. I also really love the color of the rose gold! It is listed on the site at $125.

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  1. The charm bracelet idea is very cool that would be awesome if they would take that into consideration. The wine charms are very pretty but I never understood the purpose, we don't entertain much.