Thursday, February 26, 2015

Nibblr Box Review: February 26

This is probably the least exciting Nibblr Box I've had, but they've been so good consistently that it's just a fluke, I'm sure. I did mark the snacks as either hate or like so I won't get some of them again thankfully.

Two items were repeats - Harvest Blend, which is a mix of pecans, pumpkin seeds, and pumpkin spice cookies and oh, so good!, as well as Sesa-Me and You, sesame-coated honey almonds. Both of these were good, but going into this week, I was wary of the two new snacks.

The first new one was Coco's First Date and is a mix of dates, coconut, and almonds. I judged dates too harshly, thinking I would hate them, but this is actually yummy.

However... Mediterranean Treasures was dates, one dried apricot (which I ate), and a giant fig. Maybe figs are good. Maybe people like them. However, it is the ugliest looking food and I'm a bit afraid of eating this. I'll convince my husband to try it and perhaps we will come around to figs. I like them okay in Fig Newtons, but I'm not sure. Perhaps I need to be more adventurous.

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