Saturday, February 14, 2015

Something Snacks Review: February 2015

I clearly enjoy food. When I look at my subscriptions, there is a heavy prevalence of food and geeky collectibles. So it should come as no surprise that I signed up to try Something Snacks. This is an awesome idea for a subscription box - it's called Something Snacks because each box contains "something familiar and something adventurous." I like that I know I will always get something "normal," in the event the adventure doesn't end well! 

The February box was heavily chocolate-oriented for Valentine's Day and even included a pink foil-wrapped chocolate rose! Sadly, mine was a little broken, but it still looked pretty, and it tasted just fine!! I also love the information guide - who can complain about rockin' teddy bears, right?

The healthier snacks in the box included a pack of Laiki red rice crackers and a coconut cashew strawberry bar. The bar was awesome - it tasted like fresh strawberry and was just the right amount of sweet summer for all this winter we're having! Surprisingly, the rice crackers were very good. I expected them to be bland, but they were flavorful and I ended up polishing off the bag quickly.

I really enjoyed the stroopwafel and biscotti with my coffee one morning, and the dark chocolate-covered strawberries must count as a fruit serving. ;) At least that is what I'm telling myself, because I'm trying to be healthier and then I keep getting all these awesome snacks!

Also included in the box was a box of individually wrapped truffles (this was good because I could put some aside for my husband and I would stop myself before eating them all since they had wrappers!), as well as a bag of chocolate wafer bites. 

I liked everything in this box and it's a great mix. You can try your first box for $3 off by entering TRY3NOW when you sign up. It's definitely worth it!

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