Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Honest Company Essentials Bundle Review: February 2015

I have been so impressed with my products from Honest Company, so this month's box is mostly repeats of the items I use a lot with a few new additions. Next month is going to be quite different, but I really wanted to get more detergent for the dishwasher, since this stuff works better than anything I've ever used!

So with that in mind, I ordered two bottles of the dishwasher gel, as well as new rinse agent I haven't tried yet. I also stocked up on more deodorant, because this stuff is amazing. It smells awesome, is a spray, and it actually works well without being full of chemicals.

Finally, I decided to give the toothpaste a try. I'm pretty happy with my Tom's of Maine, but why not try something new? I don't need toothpaste right now so I won't get around to this for a bit, but I love that the monthly box helps me keep stocked on products I do use and need.

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