Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Eco Emi Variety Box: January 2015

I signed up for Eco Emi a little late, so I didn't technically get the Variety Box in January. That's why this review is as late as it is, because I ordered one they had left over at the end of the month. As always, Eco Emi does a great job! I had this within a few days, even with all the storms!

Inside the box was a pack of Pur spearmint gum and another Kawaii bar. I hope my husband ends up liking these, because we have so many from different boxes! That was it for food in this box (sadly), but I did just get the chocolate box so I can't really complain.

We also received a cream deodorant, which are very popular in boxes as well right now. I find they're a little more complicated to use than they should be and tend to stick to Honest Co. right now, because their spray smells great and it easy to use. However, it's a small sample, so you can't go wrong with trying it. In addition, there was a box of Vitamin C drops. Since my husband teaches, this is really useful right now!

On the makeup/beauty end, there was a pack of Blum Naturals oil absorbing tissues. I don't tend to have oily skin (in fact, if anything, it's dry in the winter), but cleansing towels are generally decent and I will probably try these in summer when my face may be more oily. There was also a small concealer.

Interestingly, we were introduced to laundry nuts, which are basically a soap nut that grows in other parts of the world. You throw these in the little bag they come in with your laundry and you don't need detergent. I'm a little wary of these, but I am going to try them out with something like a load of towels. That way, if they don't get all that clean, I can just rerun them.

However, my favorite item in this box was O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream. This is seriously a miracle cream. I don't have dry skin everywhere, but my hands are bad. (Apparently it's because I wash them so much.) I especially have super cracked index fingers, because those are my typing and gaming fingers! I have tried everything and although some products help smoothe the skin, it never really goes away. Usually within a day or two, they're just as bad, even if I use the lotion repeatedly.

I tried this cream once before bed. It was just a little dab. By morning, my hands were almost completely healed. I put a little bit more on that morning, and by night, you would never know I had had cracked skin. I am not even kidding - this stuff is magical. My husband says it's the lotion from V and I'm about to become a lizard person, but I don't know that I even care. I can finally not have giant cracked knuckles on my index fingers! :) I am going to buy a big tub of this when it runs out! It's cruelty-free, too, which is just unbelievable. I cannot stress enough how great this product is!

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  1. I need this hand cream!!! Like seriously need it. My hands are so dry from the weather and constantly washing them for work.