Thursday, February 26, 2015

Escape Monthly Review: February 2015 (Nashville)

I was so impressed with Escape Monthly last month and couldn't wait for this box. I think it's really all about personal preference with a box like this, because I like food. However, if you're looking for something special or particular to a location, rather than items from local artisans, you may end up not enjoying it. I did, however. A lot!

All of Escape Monthly's boxes come with a foldout brochure for an info card. It looks like the kind of travel brochure you get in hotel lobbies on vacation and I love that added touch. You also get a travel guide to each location. Although this is probably a hit or miss for most people, since if you have no intention of visiting the area it ends up just being useless, I think it's nice to learn more about each area. I will especially love this for areas I either plan to visit soon or ones I know well.

The items in this month's box were basically personal care and food, with one household item, but they're all useful! The only thing I won't use is the bag of beef jerky (seriously what's with all the jerky?) but I'll pass it on to someone who eats meat.

The coaster is really cute, although I guess I would have liked a set since I'm not sure what to do with one coaster all by itself. I'm not a huge stickler for matching, but there are two of us after all! Maybe we can share. ;)

I love the bottle for the moisturizer, although it will be a while before I get to use it (I have a large stock of moisturizer right now). I'm never going to complain about hand lotions and soap. Speaking of soap, there was a big bar and it smells AWESOME.

I love shortbread, so wildflower honey shortbread is a definite plus. I really enjoy seeing all these new brands that I can try to find rather than getting the same old thing.

When I saw Leon's Candy and flipped it over to discover this is a mix of pralines and Jack Daniels, I realized me and Leon would get along well! ;) We also received a mix of Soberdough, a bread mix you only need to add beer to make. We aren't beer drinkers, although you can sub in seltzer, but I'll grab some beer to make this! Ours is garlic and I really want to try their buffalo bread so if it's good, I will order that next.

Our cabinet has so much granola now! I like granola, but I'm a little overwhelmed. Still, salted caramel is yummy. I am ridiculously excited about the Haulin' Oats oatmeal blend. I love items like this, rather than the same old brands from the grocery store.

There was also a box of peanut brittle, something I haven't had in ages. I love that it's all natural, too.

Escape Monthly is a real hit for us and I can't wait to try next month's Australia pack! I love that it's a mix of domestic and international locations, because you really get a sense of different places (and enjoy some snacks and artisan items in the process).

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