Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Send Me Gluten Free Review: February 2015 (with Giveaway and Coupon!)

As I recently said with Taste Guru, I don't follow a gluten-free diet, but my sister does and I know she struggles to find good food that's healthy, tasty, and fits her diet. I love that there are subscription boxes for gluten-free diets and my experience has been that they really do understand the challenges! This box from Send Me Gluten Free was sent to us for review, and we also have a coupon code for anyone looking to order and a chance to win a free box! The giveaway is at the end of this post.

On top of the box was an envelope with coupons and information about some of the products. I like that you are given a chance to try additional products or to order more of what's in the box with this packet.

There was a pack of Jamberry Nails in the box, and I know these are very popular. Since I don't have much in the way of nails, I don't use them, but I like that the box doesn't focus on just food. Another non-food item was a pack of Sore No More Natural Pain Relieving Gel, which I cannot wait to try! I am always complaining that something hurts, so this will be used very soon! There was also a package of lozenges. I forget that gluten can find its way into the most unlikely things. I think this is a really great subscription for someone who has a severe allergy, because it's hard to avoid!

Moving onto the food, there was a pack of Eat Your Vegetables snacks. My husband hasn't tried these yet, but he's been liking the random veggie chips. That makes me happy because the man loves his chips and I would like him to eat a little more healthy. There were also two bars that immediately went into his bag and were consumed. He didn't report back either way, which means they maybe weren't as good as some bars (he's a big fan of the this bar saves lives bars), but they weren't awful, either.

I saved the double chocolate brownie thins for my sister, because it seems only fair! She loves chocolate and I'm sure she will like these.

I ate the Ocho coconut candy immediately after taking this picture. It tasted like a Mounds Bar or something along those lines and I wish there were more! The Nogii protein cube was good as well. I've tried these before and they don't taste like gluten-free or healthy food usually does! You wouldn't know they were balanced if you didn't see the packaging, and that's a good sign!

Finally, there was a big bag of pancake and waffle mix. We just ran out so I am saving this for me! I love that it's one of the just add water ones, too, because although I like freshly made waffles and pancakes, sometimes you want it as easy as possible! :)

To order from Send Me Gluten Free, go here and enter BLOG20 at checkout. You will be given 20% off! To enter the giveaway, just comment below with your favorite item from this box. Winners will be chosen on February 22 and the box will ship in the first week of March from Send Me Gluten Free.  


  1. I would LOVE to hear how the sore no more pain gel works! This box is really great!

  2. Looks like a nice box. The pancake and waffle mix looks tasty.

  3. I'm not on a gluten restricted diet, but I'm always up for anything chocolate! Actually, most of the stuff sounds good!

  4. The "Eat Your Vegetables" chips look yummy and so does the pancake mix. Actually, I would be interested to try many of the products in this box.

  5. Congrats Robin! Your box should come next month!