Monday, February 2, 2015

Taste Guru Review: January 2015

Taste Guru is a subscription box for people who require or choose a gluten-free diet. All the items in the boxes are gluten-free, while also being tasty! This box was sent to me for review.

I don't personally go for a gluten-free diet as it can be somewhat tough if you're a vegetarian. Plus I love seitan, which is pure gluten, so that's an issue! But my sister follows a strict gluten-free diet and I know she struggles sometimes to get a good variety of foods. I am going to pass along everything that was in this box that I didn't sample myself so she can look into it.

The box came with a variety of coupons and recipes, as well as a gluten-free lifestyle magazine, before I even reached the snacks! This is a really full box and there are tons of items. I love that you won't be stuck debating on what kind of snack to eat, given that Taste Guru sends you a little of everything.

For snacks, the box included a bag of lentil chips and a bag of quinoa chips from Simply 7. These help you get your savory snacks fix without feeling guilty. There were also NoGii D'Lites chocolate bars, which were surprisingly good - and filling. This is something I like seeing in a gluten-free selection. My sister often complains that a lot of the brands who make gluten-free foods make snacks and meals that taste like cardboard. No one should have to sacrifice taste for health!

Also included were two bags of granola and a stick of jalapeno jerky. I will likely pass along the granola to be nice (although maybe not - it's tempting me while I write this!), and I obviously can't eat the jerky, but this is another example of the variety of options provided in the box.

There were a few small sample items, including the cutest mini bottle of Tabasco ever, as well as a sample of WOWBUTTER, which is a peanut butter replacement (can people on gluten-free diets not eat peanut butter? That's awful - I feel like my life would lose meaning without peanut butter!). This does taste like peanut butter, and it's healthier, which is good news for anyone missing it.

My favorite item was the bonus item - cherry-flavored dried cranberries. I love dried cranberries; they're becoming my go-to snack lately.

Finally, the box included items for breakfast, including a gluten-free pancake mix, which I'm sure will be a hit with my sister (I already have another version of this mix or otherwise it wouldn't make it out of the house!), and a package of grits. Taste Guru really understands that people who are following a gluten-free diet often still like the foods they can't eat. Here are options for sticking to it, while still finding the foods you love or something really close to it.

I can't wait to tell my sister about this subscription, because I know she's always looking for something that caters to her diet without costing a fortune or, as she says, tasting like cardboard. It's great that there is something like Taste Guru to meet this niche. Check them out using this link and they'll send you a tote bag with your first box as a bonus!

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