Monday, February 2, 2015

Boxy Charm Review: January 2015

Boxy Charm is another beauty box subscription and came highly recommended. I was very impressed with the box and the products, especially since they're all full sizes and the shades were perfect. This is one of the more expensive beauty boxes, but the sizes of the products and the value make it worth it. I'm not sure about continuing personally, but only because I am trying to be more diligent about cruelty-free product choices. Although Birchbox also doesn't guarantee cruelty-free products, I've had more luck with theirs so far.

The most value in this Boxy Charm box came from a self-tanner from Tarte, which is fortunately a cruelty-free company! I am not just pale, but nearly invisible, so I will have to test this in very tiny increments lest I turn shades my skin never meant to turn! Still, I am excited to sample it in the spring. (Right now, I wear too many layers for my skin to even be visible.)

I also received skin jewels (still don't really get these), a lip color and lip liner, and a primer. These will likely be gifted, although I love the lip color shades. The quality of these products is very good and the value is definitely there. I can see why people love this box so much, although I still think Petit Vour is my favorite because they're ethical, too.

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