Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Product Review by Boxy: Lavender Eye Pillow

My entire job is based on the computer, so I spend a lot of my life staring at a screen. Needless to say, it doesn't do much for my eyes and I often find them tired and achy by the end of the week. I also don't sleep all that well, so I jumped at the chance to review the Lavender Eye Pillow from Eye Pillow Vacation.

I selected a turquoise pillow because I liked the color and it's also bright enough that it would stand out when I was looking for it. It arrived quickly after I ordered and I could smell the lavender before I even got the package open! (If you don't like scented products, there is an option for an unscented pillow.)

I actually have a similar heating pad that Crafty made me, but that one is bigger and I use it with cramps. This eye pillow is really the perfect size to just cover your eyes, and the scent reaches your nose when it's resting on your face.

You can use the pillow hot or cold, or you can simply use it to block out excess light and enjoy the lavender relaxation. I brought it to bed one evening to see if it helped me sleep, since it says it helps relieve stress and with insomnia.

I found that the pillow was very comfy on my eyes without being too heavy or putting too much pressure on them when they were sore. It was very soothing and the lavender truly does help, because it helps to transport your mind.

I'll definitely be using this frequently, and I love that it's small and flexible enough for travel, too. It would be great on a plane!

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