Friday, February 20, 2015

Universal Yums Review: February 2015 (Italy)

I admit this is not my best-written review, because I loved my Universal Yums subscription box from February so much that I took a couple quick photos, ate most of the snacks, and then realized I had also thrown out the info card. All the snacks were from Italy and all of them were so good that I forgot I was supposed to be blogging about them!

Universal Yums does a great job with packaging. The box is small but loaded, and they fill the top with tissue paper in the color of that month's country's flag. This is a cute added touch and I appreciate it. I also love the info cards, which are a list of the items in the box, as well as some facts about the country's culture. They don't overdo the packaging with tons of extra material, either, which I like. It's a big enough box to stuff with treats, and that's it. 
Included in this month's box (and I'm going off memory here) were hazelnut chocolates from Pernigotti, in two types: Classici (a basic chocolate with hazelnut flavoring) and Noccigioie, which included full hazelnuts wrapped in chocolate. There were also fruity and coffee bon bons, as well as a biscotti (of course).

Continuing with the hazelnut theme, also included was a Perugina Baci candy. There was a big stack of lemon pizzelle waffle cookies, too, and these were great! Rounding it out were Ferraro Raffaello, which are my favorite of the candies from Ferraro Rocher. There was already a ton of hazelnut in this box (not complaining!), so I'm happy we got the coconut almond creams instead. 

My favorite item in the box, though, were Lazzaroni Amaretti di Saronna cookies. They were SO tasty and I wish the whole box was full of them! :)

Next month, Universal Yums is heading to China, and I admit I'm wary. I don't think I'll be as happy as I was with Italy and I'm also worried I won't be able to eat any of the items, but we will see. They surprised me so much last month with Brazil, so you never know!


  1. Great review! I hope you don't mind we linked to your review too!
    I literally LOVED everything in their Italy box. I only wish I received the Brazil one as well.

  2. Link away! :)

    I loved Brazil, too. I'm skipping China just because I don't think I'll be able to eat several items (I don't eat meat or slaughter byproducts and there's a good chance gelatin or something fishy ends up in the box). I'm curious to see what's included though. I just know I struggle with Japanese snacks and I imagine China will be similar.