Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sock Club Review: February 2015

I am a big fan of socks in general and was super excited when Sock Club offered to send us a package for review! This is a pretty basic subscription - each month, you get a new pair of socks! The company is a small business and the socks are American made, which is nice to see.

Although the socks may technically be for men, they're socks and really, socks are perfect for anyone! Each order comes with the socks wrapped in brown paper and sealed with a wax seal (making them extra awesome), along with a note telling you about that month's pair.

This month's pair is called the Zissou and they are in a striped navy and white pattern with orange and navy tops. The note promises this pattern isn't "just for sailors." The socks are thick, warm, and comfy - the trifecta of an excellent sock.

There's a bunch of information about Sock Club on their site, including how they source the materials and where their socks are made. For a small business started by two guys in Austin, this has been a great success and it's an opportunity for us to enjoy more ethical fashion.

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  1. I love warm soft socks! I actually like that pattern!