Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Love with Food Deluxe Box Review: February 2015

Love with Food is one of the most popular snack subscription boxes out there, and there's a reason for that. With the box, you get a sampling of all kinds of snacks and for every box sold, a meal is donated to a hungry family in the US. I love subscription boxes that give back - and I upgraded to Love with Food Deluxe, because now they give out two meals!

Now, you may have the same reaction I had by looking at the box. Pork Clouds? Ew. I'm a vegetarian and honestly, even if I wasn't, I cannot imagine ever putting fried pork skins in my mouth. But the rest of the box was excellent, so let's leave the Pork Clouds in the past.

The Snikiddy baked mac and cheese puffs were awesome! They taste like, well, cheese puffs, but not that weird chemical-y bright orange cheese puff we all know and love (?). These are the tastier and healthier alternative, and I can certainly see myself buying these.

Boulder Canyon's olive oil kettle-cooked chips were basically perfect. They're crispier than Lay's or regular potato chips and much less oily, yet they're not as crispy as Cape Cod Chips (which can be a turnoff to some people). They had just the right amount of salt and only a hint of olive oil. It was enough to give flavor, while also keeping the chips tasty as chips. These are gluten-free and healthier, so it was nice to see. My husband eats a LOT of potato chips, so anything that's a little healthier in that area is a definite plus!

Also included were lemon wafer bites from Dolcetto. Man, these are good!! I love when you get snacks that taste like the typical chemically-loaded grocery store snacks, and they're just as good without the chemicals! The first three products in this box were items I would definitely replace my normal junk food with and I wouldn't even miss the old stuff (if I could find these easier).

The cookie thins were cake batter and I think I was supposed to save these for my husband to try. I honestly opened them to try one, and an hour or so later, I realized they were gone! I want a big bag of these for sure!!!

We have a lot of cocoa in the house, but I can't really complain about anything chocolate.

There was also a string of Mardi Gras beads, a mix of chocolates (yum!), and some Creole seasoning packs. I thought this was an excellent box, minus the Pork Clouds. I'm sure lots of people eat those, but I'm not one of them. (In keeping with a Southern theme, though, I think that it may be fitting? I'm not sure. My friends and family in the South aren't really pork skins eaters, either.)

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  1. I got the tasting box from this month and I LOVED it! There is actually nothing left but the Lemon wafer bites. I am thinking those will probably go today though....Everything else was YUM! Did you get the protein bar from Rise? I generally don't like protein bars but that was pretty good!