Monday, February 9, 2015

Horror Block Review: January 2015

It takes quite some time to get my Horror Block (and Nerd Block and Arcade Block). My boxes are always scheduled for delivery well before they actually arrive (usually about 4-5 days). So this is a review of January's block, but it's been out for a while.

After my utter disappointment and irritation with Arcade Block (not to mention the fact that they claim to want feedback, but go out of their way to ignore any feedback that's not what they want to hear), I wasn't really very excited for Horror Block to arrive. I've had so many issues with Nerd Block in the past and I had tried to be positive originally, but I'm thinking maybe they are just not a company I want to continue supporting when these subscriptions run out. (I did really love my Nerd Block Classic this past month, but it's hard to keep throwing money at people who treat you like garbage.)

Anyway, the stuff in Horror Block was okay. Some good, some bad. Nothing amazing, but nothing really awful. As always, there was the magazine. I love horror so Rue Morgue will make for some reading. We also got a Twilight Zone comic book, which I will enjoy. I love The Twilight Zone and I always enjoy comics.

Because there were two shirts this month, the majority of the space and value went to those, so nothing else was really thrilling. Horror Block kept pushing the Living Dead Dolls figurine as an exclusive, but I was disappointed at how small it was. I don't know what I expected and I'm not a collector of these, so it wasn't a huge deal. Still, I guess I thought it wouldn't feel so cheap.

My husband collected Madballs apparently when he was around ten, so there was a nostalgic feel to these minis. Sadly, they were unopenable. We got one open with a lot of effort, but the other still looks like this after using steak knives, screwdrivers, and keys. I just don't care enough about a miniature ball to put this much work into opening it.

As for the shirts, I wasn't excited about either of them, because I'm not a fan of either American Horror Story or Child's Play but that's what you get in these kinds of boxes. At the same time, the shirts are high quality and I or my husband can wear them around the house or to sleep in, so I can't complain. I don't necessarily feel like I got anything of value for what I paid this month, but I still think Horror Block was worth what I paid. Two shirts alone, even at a discount, basically cover the price of the box. 

I probably like the Child's Play shirt more, because I don't love the movies, but I've seen them and they're okay to have on in the background. I truly dislike anything Ryan Murphy does, though, because he has a bad tendency to drive his shows right off a cliff within two or three seasons. I'm glad I gave up on American Horror Story during Murder House, because I hear people are irritated right now about the links that he's adding to the series (after promising standalones). 

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