Monday, January 26, 2015

Nerd Block Classic Review: January 2015

This was Nerd Block's first themed Classic Block, and it was AMAZING! The theme this month was "A Galaxy Far, Far Away." I was getting very anxious about this one because it got held up between Canada and here, but it was worth the wait - and I avoided spoilers!

Maybe you realized this, but I love Doctor Who. So this shirt came out of the box and went right on my body!! You really can't fail with a t-shirt, since even if you don't care what it says or looks like, a shirt is a shirt. However, this is the kind of shirt I would seek out and is worth the price of the box by itself.

Although the theme was "A Galaxy Far, Far Away," the box also included a stuffed Grumpy Cat. As Nerd Block announced, this doesn't really fit the theme but people who know cats know how impossible it is to get a cat out of a box! ;) So she's in the box. (I love Grumpy Cat. I basically love all cats, and this was a great addition even if outside the theme.)

We also received SplatterBrainz darts, which may have been meh, but Nerd Block made them awesome. They added a dart board that is, by itself, just extremely entertaining.

My husband wasn't a big fan of the comic book, mainly because he's more of a Star Wars fan than a Star Trek fan, and neither of us likes Planet of the Apes. However, this is a good item for other people and he has a massive comics collection, so it will be easily added to that.

I loved the Gandalf's staff pen and The Hobbit bookmark, although I won't get much use out of elf ears. These little items are extra bonuses, though, so if they work, that's great. If they don't, it really doesn't affect your overall experience. The shirt alone was all I needed. The last item, however, was worth the whole box for my husband.

This is a certified film cel from The Empire Strikes Back. It's a big Star Wars time right now, with the trailer releasing this past November for Episode VII and the new Marvel comic series. We are giant Star Wars fans, so you can basically do no wrong when including Star Wars. Plus this item is just so cool!

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