Thursday, January 15, 2015

Little Miss Boxy's Subscriptions and Wish List

Recently, Little Miss Crafty gave a little introduction to herself, including her projects, interests, and goals. Since I don't make things, my goals are to keep opening boxes of things and that's not much for a post. :) So I decided to write up a little about the subscriptions I currently have, the ones I most want to try, and a little about my interests.

Current Subscriptions

My subscriptions change all the time, because I like to try everything, but in order to do so, I often have to put things on hold. There are also certain times of the year when I need specific items and others aren't really as important or I'm stocked up.

Right now, my preferences tend towards geeky things, food and snacks, eco-friendly and unique products, and high value subscriptions. For example, you'll see I have several geek box subscriptions and snack boxes. I started this blog, though, with Little Miss Crafty for the ones I was already subscribing to and that led me to signing up for a ton of new ones to try as well! As I try them, I'm always going to note whether it's a definite keep, a try again to see, or a cancel. Of course, my reasons are generally personal and I am willing to try anything because what's good for me may not be for someone else and they may love something I'm lukewarm about receiving.

To be honest, a huge deciding factor for me in choosing to keep a box is not just what's in it, but the customer service. I've been back and forth on a few, and when I feel like they actually care about their customers, I tend to be more likely to stick it out. Some of these boxes certainly have greater value than what you pay, but let's be honest - you probably aren't going to use everything. Part of the cost, for me, is also that I'm paying for products I wouldn't normally find at the store. If, however, the customer service reps are going to treat me the same as the cashier at Target does, I don't feel any reason to keep paying for the box. I've seen awesome service - and downright awful, and as my long-term subscriptions come to an end in the next few months, I already have some that are probably getting canceled immediately. It's amazing how little some companies value service. 

Wish List

Again, this is always changing, because I hear things or see reviews that make me either push something higher up on my list, sign up immediately, or remove the subscription entirely.

I think my top few are Flicker Box (because I don't have a candle subscription right now), Little Lace Box (it's just so fancy!), Estilo (I love their products), and Green Blender (it's really only the cost right now preventing me from signing up. I am trying Farmivore this weekend so one or the other will work). There are a lot I'm super excited to start receiving, but they're on their way - now it's just waiting.

There are several others I am definitely planning on trying, either when I cancel something else as a replacement or closer to the holidays (there's a tea one I may get to stock up on gifts for my mom).

About Me 

For the most part, I don't have as much to talk about as Little Miss Crafty, because I don't so much do things. I open a lot of things and enjoy them, but I don't make anything or really have a lot else to say. I love geeky TV, games, and movies, reading, and anything related to the arts or bettering society.

I spend a lot of time with my kitties (and can't wait to share my review of this month's KitNip Box with you). Otherwise, I work and hang out with the husband. We love to travel and experience anything new, so we're always open to something new!

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