Sunday, January 18, 2015

Eco Emi Bonus Box Review

I really like almost everything about Eco Emi. Their products are animal friendly, healthy, and ethical. Not to mention they're quick to ship and responsive via email. And of course the boxes are usually a good match for me. So I decided to order a Bonus Box to see what I would get.

There were too many things to take a picture of them all. They were mainly in two groups - food and beauty/personal care products.

I haven't tried all the snacks, because there were just too many! I did try the vanilla cherry almonds, which were as good as they sound! I haven't eaten my Cookie Department cookie yet, but I know those are good from before. There were a couple of repeats, including the cookie and the cold brew coffee, neither of which I mind repeating. There were some Turkish apricots that were delightful, and a pack of seaweed snacks I haven't convinced myself to try yet. There was also a chili mix, and Crafty has been trying to get me to try her vegetarian chili for a while now, so I guess that's a sign!

The bath products included an awesome lime/coconut lip balm, eye shadow, hair repair (which I need), and these homemade bath salts. There was also a yoga mat cleaner and several types of makeup remover. All of the sizes were samples for the most part, but it just means more to try, rather than being stuck with things I don't want.

Finally, we even got some pumpkin seeds for planting, so maybe this fall, we can have our own Jack o' Lanterns!

This isn't really a subscription box; it's mostly a box of what Eco Emi has left from other boxes, but I like their products enough that it is a worthy experiment a few times a year.

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