Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Nibblr Box Review: January 27

We had a bit of a hiccup with the mail last week, so everything ran behind. I already knew what was coming in this upcoming week's Nibblr Box before I even received this box! Anyway, with that aside, we had another mix of sweet and savory. Nibblr does a great job with that, since my husband is more of a salty snacks person and I love fruits and sweet items.

Coming off last week's cheesy snack crackers felt like it might be a setup for disappointment, but we got another cheesy cracker this week! These were Cheddy at the Ready and were just cheddar (rather than cheddar and Asiago). Of course they were yummy, because cheesy crackers are basically always a win for both me and Mr. Boxy!!

The other savory snack, however, was not for me. My husband said they were pretty good, but he didn't like them enough for me to keep them on our list. I put these in the "do not send" list, because I just didn't like them. They were called Salty Chicks and were salted chickpeas. I don't really like chickpeas in this form. I like hummus and I love fresh chickpeas on salad and in soups, but dried and roasted just doesn't do anything for me.

For sweet, we got Queen Bee. This was a mix of cashews, dried mango, and orange flavored pieces. I really liked this. It was sweet, but the cashews kept it from being candy sweet. Basically like a trail mix. I love citrus and orange especially, so this was one of my favorite mixes like this.

My goodness, the Key Lime Bliss was incredible! This is a mix of Key lime cookies, lime granola clusters, and coconut flakes. Obviously you need to be a fun of lime, which I am, so this was great. It was really refreshing and especially now in the winter, when I've been enjoying trail mixes and more dried fruit, it was a great change. One of these days, if Nibblr offers giant bags of certain snacks, I am signing up for this one.

I talked Little Miss Crafty into signing up for Nibblr, too. She got different snacks, including things I haven't tried yet. I love that there's a lot of variety. I also think it's nice that you can rate because if you don't like the snack, you won't see it again. The portions are small, too, so it isn't a waste if you end up with one you don't like and it's probably near impossible to end up with two you don't like!

Crafty's Thoughts: Yes, I have been talked into trying Nibblr as well. My first box came last week and I was really excited. I would love to be able to say that everyone in the family thought the box was a big hit, but that box didn't stand a chance once it was in my house. I proceeded to "taste" each of the snacks while the kids were at school. Apparently "tasting" means opening each of them and finishing them ALL before anyone else was around to try them!

My box came with Gorill-A-Go-Go, which is dried bananas, peanuts, and dark chocolate-covered raisins. This was probably my favorite out of the whole box. I love bananas and you really can't go wrong around here with chocolate and peanuts. 

The second one was Apple of My Pie, which is basically the best non apple pie apple pie I have ever had in my life! This was the perfect mixture in every bite. The deconstructed apple pie mixture would have been a hit among the kids, if I had saved them any. 

The next was Almond Date Cacao; in theory, I should have LOVED this one. However, this is the one that I was really just meh about. I wanted to love this, because it not only sounded good but looked good as well. Of course, I didn't dislike it so much that I saved any for anyone else to try, but I still don't know if I would add it to my list. 

Last but not least was Ginger Paradise, which is ginger brittle, toasted coconut, and graham cookies. Hand over the ginger brittle; that was awesome! This one will get added to my list to receive again. I love coconut and ginger and graham cookie, and they work so well together. The coconut is so subtle that, if you aren't sure how you feel about it, you many not even notice it, but it works so well with the rest of the mix. 

My first experience with Nibblr was wonderful, and I will be looking through to adjust my order for next month to see what I might want to try! I am so glad that Boxy introduced me. 

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