Friday, January 16, 2015

Graze Box Review: January 16

There's really not much better than a little box of snacks in your mailbox, next to bills and junk mail. This week's Graze box is fantastic, too, and I'm so excited about all four snacks they included. It was a perfect mix of sweet and savory (two of each).

All four of my snacks were easily rated "Like It" this week (and they have potentially to move to "Love It" eventually once I feel like I'm ready to start duplicating more often).

The one I suppose I liked the least, although just barely, is Key Lime Pie. The mix is made up of green raisins and lime flavored raisins, as well as vanilla cookie drops and mini meringues. This is the kind of mix that works best as such.

We were also sent Chai Latte. This snack is a mix of chai seeds, yogurt-coated sunflower seeds, macadamia nuts, and dried coconut flakes. It's very sweet, without being too sweet. Plus I love coconut.

For savory, we had Fruity Mango Chutney with Black Pepper Dippers. I really loved this combination. The mix was a strange fruity and spicy merger and it worked well with the only slightly flavored sticks. I would eat a big box of this!

And finally, the Chili and Honey Almonds are just that - almonds coated in chili powder and honey. These are fantastic!

I loved this whole box and it won't last long, that's for sure. If you haven't tried Graze box, you really should - and if you use this link, you will get your first and fifth boxes for free!

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