Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hip Humanitarian Review: January 2015

Hip Humanitarian is a subscription box that helps subscribers discover ethical brands and live a more sustainable lifestyle. They're fairly new, but are very responsive to customers. The products you receive could range from beauty or personal care products to household items to food, based on the theme of the month.

January's theme was Wellness and the box was about helping you to create a new you for the new year. There are three types of boxes - free spirit, Hollywood, and minimalist. This is a review of the minimalist box.

The card included reviews each item and why it's related to the theme. This box also included a little reminder card to help motivate you. Mine says, "Hello Lovely."

My box included two This Bar Saves Lives bars, which were extremely tasty. For each bar sold, a packet of life-saving food is given to starving children. I love that there are so many organizations like this and these boxes help you discover them. It makes it easier to know which products to add to a shopping list. I also received a charcoal cleansing sponge and an all-in-one coloring that can be used on lips, eyes, and cheeks. Finally, there was a big pack of Ocean Potion Bath. I haven't tried this yet, but I bet it will be very relaxing.

I'm not sure of the cost of the items or the overall value for cost, but I like what Hip Humanitarian is doing and I love the companies they introduce me to through their box. I was also quite impressed by their customer service when I've spoken with them (I was really torn on which box to go for between Minimalist and Free Spirit). Next month's theme is Love and I'm excited to see what it brings. 

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