Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Nerd Block, Jr. Girls Review: January 2015

So, time for an embarrassing confession/story. I love Harry Potter. I mean, I love Harry Potter way too much for any reasonable adult. So although I don't have kids, when I saw that Nerd Block, Jr. was featuring Harry Potter this month, I considered signing up for both the boys' and girls' boxes. Fortunately, sense won out and I only signed up for three months of the girls' box, given that there's little in the boys' box that appeals to me that isn't done better in the regular versions. But I like Hello Kitty and as she makes many appearances in the girls' box, I signed up. Without children. For me.

With that ridiculous scenario in place, I was ready for this box. I couldn't wait for my Harry Potter item. Sadly, the item really didn't live up to the hype. There were a few good items in the box, though. I can already tell I won't be continuing after three months, but that's because I don't have kids. And I am the fool who signed up anyway. If I had kids, it would probably be awesome.

The Harry Potter item was two collectible minis. Like I said, I don't have kids. What I do have are cats, and these are dangerous items to have in the house because they're basically just asking to be eaten - and the cats shouldn't be eating miniature figures, obviously. Plus I got Ron and Draco. Ron? Lame. (Sorry, Ron.)

Anyway, with that disappointment out of the way, I moved on to the other items. The first was definitely a kid's item. It's some kind of collectible shopping cart thing? I had no idea and texted Crafty to ask if her daughter knew what it was and/or wanted it. Her daughter didn't know, but now she wants it and more, so I guess it's appealing to the target market (again, I should repeat I have no business subscribing to this box).

It got better, though. Despite the fact that I am apparently the only person on Earth who really disliked Frozen, I love stuffed animals and the Sven Beanie Baby was perfect. I love his antlers! I have a collection of little stuffed animals and he'll be added to that for sure. It doesn't matter that the movie wasn't great; he's cute and I'm happy with that.

The last two items were actually good for us. One was a finger puppet Minion. My husband is unnaturally obsessed with Minions. How much does he love them? Well, we went to the opening show of Despicable Me 2, at around 10 am, and we don't have children. We don't even live close enough to related children to bring them with us and make it look less absurd. Nope, it was just the two of us in a theatre packed with families. And my husband laughed through basically the entire thing. We also have a ridiculous Minion collection in the house. So, this was a win. "Demented and sad," but a win. ;)

The final item was a Hello Kitty first aid kit. I love Hello Kitty. I have loved Hello Kitty since I was a child and I can actually use the items in the first aid kit. So this was great.

Clearly this is a box for children, but our geeky love does cover all kinds of things. It's not something I would subscribe to regularly, but I'm sure we'll get something from each box left to come.

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