Friday, January 9, 2015

Nibblr Review - January 9

I have two snack subscription reviews for you this weekend. The first is of Nibblr, a service that operates similarly to Graze (which I reviewed earlier this week). Nibblr can also be delivered according to your schedule. It's even more flexible, as you actually just enter the dates you want the delivery to come next. Otherwise, you can also choose weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc. This service delivers to home or work and you rate the four snacks you get (no thanks, try it, like it, love it). If you want to try it, you can use my referral code (20847) to get your first box free. After that, you can log in to your account and pause or cancel, but you probably won't want to! My husband and I currently have both Graze and Nibblr coming weekly because I wanted to have more to review, but eventually I may try to schedule them so they alternate weeks. For similar services, though, they don't have much crossover in snacks, which is great. Although some of the same items come up, they're used in different ways and I love this kind of variety!

The Nibblr box

Our four snacks were Ale House Blend, Sesa-Me and You, Stuck on Flax, and Fallen Snowman. You can actually check nutritional information for each snack directly online, including ingredients, before you even receive the box, which is nice.

Ale House Blend is a mix of corn nuts, Brazilian steakhouse peanuts, and mini pretzels. You can definitely tell this would be a good snack with a beer. It tasted like a lot of the snack mixes - just salty enough and flavorful enough without being overpowering.

Sesa-Me and You was almonds coated in honey and sesame seeds. Basic, but extremely tasty. Again, sweet without being too sweet, and definitely filling! I tried them before taking the picture, so the container is missing a few pieces. :)

Stuck on Flax are pretzels covered in flax seeds. This was probably my least favorite, although not because they didn't taste good. They were just pretzels with flax, though, so nothing new really. My husband loved this whole box and these got tossed into a snack mix I made him with Ale House Blend and some other snacks from both Graze and Nature Box (which I am reviewing later today). He's happy because now he has snack mix at work.
I was most excited about Fallen Snowman, because I love peppermint anything, and it didn't disappoint. The dark chocolate peppermint bark is basically as good as it sounds and peppermint coated pretzels may sound strange, but trust me, they're amazing. There's something about the mix of salty sweet and sugar that works really well when it's done right and I wouldn't mind a big box of these!

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