Monday, January 19, 2015

My Geeky Goodies Review: January 2015

My Geeky Goodies is a geeky subscription box with a monthly theme. This month's theme was Pixel Power - and this box was AWESOME! It was Nerdvana in there, I swear. ;) They advertise themselves as a box for geeks prepared by geeks, and it's clear they know their fans. They also promise either a shirt or Funko POP! figure in each box.

With each month's subscription, you receive your card outlining what's included, as well as a collector's pin identifying the theme and month. The pin this month was a Mario mushroom, to celebrate Pixel Power. These both come sealed in a plastic bag so you can save them. Actually, the whole box is very well packed - down to the shirt rolled and held in place with a rubber band and the individual items wrapped in tissue paper. It's obvious there is a lot of care put into the boxes.

This month's box included a shirt, not a figure - and it was an awesome old-school Mario shirt! My husband loved this and had changed into it within minutes of opening the box.

Also included was a mini Minecraft figure (we got the Creeper), along with a Mario star full of candy and Nintendo cards (old school). We also received a Street Fighter key chain flashlight of Ryu, that yells out "Haduken," Needless to say, I spent a good part of the afternoon listening to that going off!

I think my favorite item in the box was actually something we won't really use, but it's just so fun and creative. The item is a flask fashioned to look like an NES cartridge. It says "Metal Beer," too, so it's even better! We aren't big drinkers, but this is going on a shelf because it's so awesome!

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