Friday, January 9, 2015

Arcade Block Review - December 2014/January 2015

I love geeky and nerdy things in general, as does my husband, which is why Loot Crate started this addiction for me. When we decided to get Arcade Block, it only made sense. We're both gamers and here was a box focused only on gaming. Although there were some really great items in this month's block, this was probably my first slight disappointment in a box. However, I think it's also because I have higher standards for this subscription than most of the others. It should be a rare month when there isn't at least one item I love - and this one was one of those months.

The box looks like an NES :)

This is really a preference thing, because there are a lot of games and between my husband and I, it's nearly impossible not to include one of our top level games in any month. But for this month, the item we liked most was the Portal 2 scarf. It's cute and actually good quality, although I don't know how much I'll use it given that I got a Fourth Doctor scarf for Christmas! :)

It's hard to tell, but it's a full size scarf. 
This month's shirt was Super Smash Brothers, which I know is a huge game, but our Wii just collects dust. Still, you can't ever have too many shirts, so value-wise, the box is spot on between the scarf and shirt, but there was little wow factor for us.

Someone somewhere can't believe we don't play this.
The other items were a little random, I admit. Sonic fridge magnets so you could create your own level, a tablet/phone joystick (I'm not sure how this works?), a Zelda figure (we got Link), and a Halo lanyard. The lanyard is really excellent quality for a lanyard - thick enough not to tear and the plastic coating is decent, but I don't need one for work and my husband is just difficult. :) I do like Halo, and this month we're getting more Halo, so hopefully that will be a little cooler. In this case, it's an example of how subscription boxes work. Most of the time, you find something you really like. Sometimes you get lucky and you find something absolutely awesome. And sometimes you just feel sort of "okay then" about it. I don't feel like this was a waste of money or anything - just that the items were not really my thing this month and it was disappointing to have several games I either only half like or don't play all in the same box (it was also very Nintendo-oriented and like I said, we haven't really used Nintendo since the days of Gamecube).

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