Saturday, January 17, 2015

Love with Food Review: January 2015

Love with Food is a pretty amazing subscription box. You get snacks, the majority of which are very healthy, and they donate a meal for each box purchased to someone in need within the US. That's a win-win for everyone.

One of the best things about Love with Food is that the little booklet not only tells you what you're getting, but it also lists most items' ingredients. It's nice going in knowing if you can eat the food! Another thing I like about Love with Food is that they, as many boxes do, allow you to review items from the box and earn points. Eventually you can turn those points into a credit to buy more of products you tried in your box. You can also buy the items directly through Love with Food if you like them and your local stores don't carry them (and sometimes it's cheaper because they usually include coupons).

This is the Tasting Box. The Deluxe includes more snacks and some items not included in the Tasting Box as well.
Inside the Deluxe Box

We haven't tried all these snacks yet, because our pantry is getting quite full! Included in the box were Dark Chocolate Cacao Nibs by Britt (one in Tasting and two in Deluxe), a mini chocolate coconut bar by Luna (again, one and two respectively), Big Slice apples, Somersaults snacks (one and two), Stash tea (one and two), Casava Pops by Wai Lana (one and two), Bobalu almonds (one and two), and Velvet Truffles (one and two, plus a Black Truffle sample in the Deluxe) by Alter Eco. We also received a $15 gift card (on purchases of $50 of more) from Urban Remedy and a $40 Hello Fresh card. I'm really excited about the Hello Fresh card, because as soon as a trio of recipes I want to try comes up, I was planning to sign up anyway. The Deluxe included a few additional snacks.

Love with Food gets LOTS of snacks into a small box and they're a variety of things you normally may not see. The Cassava Pops were like Munchos with a different flavor. I'm not sure if I liked them or not, but they're interesting nonetheless. My truffle was gone immediately and it was delicious. I love almonds so that's not going to last long.

In the Deluxe box, the chocolate chop oatmeal bliss cookies were awesome! There weren't many included, which was really the only negative. We also received some honey cookies and our snack treats were salsa flavored in this box (black pepper in the Tasting).

I haven't yet tried the Macaroni and Cheese chips, but these sound great. I love applesauce and the apples were excellent, because they're full apples with a sauce mixed in. These come in a variety of flavors, too. It's also a big packet and I'm looking forward to my second pack as a healthy snack some afternoon.

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