Monday, January 12, 2015

GoodMouth Subscription Review

GoodMouth is a fairly straightforward and very reasonable subscription service. They send you toothbrushes, as well as a few other oral care products, on a schedule you select. For each subscription you purchase, they donate two brushes or the equivalent in dental care to people in need. You really can't go wrong with this service, because we all need toothbrushes, these are reasonably priced, and you're doing something good in the process.

I had received my toothbrushes last week and shared the pictures on social media. We've both already started using them and they're great brushes. You can select your brush size when you subscribe and change it anytime as well. Our plan is currently $5.50 for two brushes every three months (the ADA recommended timeline).

You can select your colors, too. Mine's pink, although it's hard to tell here. 

After posting the pic and talking to the people at GoodMouth, they were kind enough to send some additional products for review. You can include these products when you sign up.

I was sent Dr. Goode's Peppermints, which are smaller than Altoids, although equally potent. I liked these, though, because they didn't have that same overpowering mint taste, but they are clearly going to help with any breath issues! These are sugar free and made with 100% pure peppermint oil.

We also received floss, which will try soon. We're bad about flossing, as probably a lot of people are, but having it will remind us we should be doing it! I like the container, too. You can see when you're running low, which seems to be a big problem with floss. Whenever you decide to do it, you're out! There's enough included in the little container for six months (50 meters).

Finally, we received two lip balms: Dr. Goode's Peppermint Buzz Beeswax and Dr. Goode's Eucalyptus Mint with SPF 15. I always appreciate lip balm and I'm going to add the peppermint to my subscription (a favorite flavor, too!). If you're anything like me, you are always losing lip balms, and this is a great lip balm for only $3 (the eucalyptus is $4 although it's the flavor not the price that has me choosing peppermint).

To sign up for GoodMouth, you can start here. When you sign up, you select your household size (the online form gives you the option of 1-6, although I'm sure if you needed more, they'd be happy to accommodate). You can have the package sent every month, every two months, or every three. Each shipment is $1.50 for shipping and $2 per brush. If you use Sonicare or Oral-B electric brushes, they provide brush heads starting at $5.45.

Once you add your info, you're asked a few questions - age, mouth size, if you have braces, if your teeth or gums are sensitive or if you have periodontal disease, and if you use an electric toothbrush. You go through this for each household member. You can also complete a short checklist about your dental history if you like. Then you pick your brush from a number of options - and GoodMouth will also recommend one based on your answers - and the color of your brush.

Finally, you can add on the extra items, some of which I sampled. Floss is $2, mints are $2.25, and lip balm is $3-5. They also provide toothpaste starting around $5. Again, this is all part of your subscription, so if you get the package every three months, it's still very cheap and all the products are high quality.

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