Thursday, January 1, 2015

Loot Crate December 2014 (Anniversary)

It only makes sense to start with a Loot Crate review, as they were the catalyst for my very unhealthy addiction! However, in the spirit of full disclosure, I do need to reveal that the images used in this post were from Little Miss Crafty's husband's box - as mine has been, well, looted!

The theme for this month was "Anniversary," and the box celebrated the anniversaries of several franchises that have really driven geek culture for some time now. We start with Batman, which is featured in both the exclusive comic book issue and the Funko Pop! figure (another exclusive). My husband was extremely excited to see these, because he's a huge comic book fan and Batman is obviously a favorite. I love any Funko Pop! figure, because they're just adorable. This Joker-Batman went very well with my husband's gift of Arya for Christmas.

<-- This issue cover was designed especially for the crate this month. Although my husband did note that the identification of this on the cover could actually hurt its value, depending on the collector (I don't know why he worries about these things as he refuses to consider selling his comics anyway!)

Also included in the crate were Tetris stickers, which will be fun to play with, a Captain America air freshener, Loot Crate's standard collectible button and magazine, a Ghostbusters door hanger, and a candy cane. From the boxes I've seen unboxed online, I was quite pleased that our candy cane was still intact!

My personal favorite item were the Groot socks. Although I felt lukewarm about Guardians of the Galaxy, I love socks and Groot was my favorite part of the movie, so these were definitely a win.

Another of the items was a Mighty Wallet focused on The Simpsons. We are huge fans of the show, so that was another definite plus. I hear the Mighty Wallets are basically indestructible, too, so we will be sure to test that! My husband is a hoarder inside his wallet, but I can make use of it if he can't. Finally, there was a coupon to try out, an anime site.

Below are a few pictures of the gear. I'll be better about getting pictures before ripping my boxes apart now! :) This month, Loot Crate's theme is Rewind and as a girl of the 80's, I couldn't be more excited. Bring it on, Loot Crate!

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