Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Graze NibbleBox Review - January 6

If there's one box that's hard to find fault with, it's Graze, because who doesn't like snacks? (You can use this referral link to get your first and fifth boxes for free, too!) Graze delivers four small packs of healthy snacks to either your home or office and you can get the boxes weekly, biweekly, once a month, or really on whatever schedule you choose (you can always log in and skip a box or get an extra). I love that you can have them come to work even, so you can have your snacks at the ready. We currently subscribe on a weekly basis, although I'm always changing my mind. I thought it was more sensible to get the boxes less often, but, well, snacks. ;)

Another thing I love about Graze is that they tell you what you're getting once it ships and then you can go to your account after you try the snacks and rate them. It's a fairly simply rating scale - everything in their system is marked "try" when you start. Anything marked try will likely eventually show up. Anything you don't want or if you don't like the snacks you get can be marked "trash" and they won't send it to you. I did this before we even started getting snacks because I had to get wasabi peas off the list! Otherwise, I am generally up for anything because I'm not vegan and all of Graze's snacks are appropriate for vegetarians. There's an option to auto-trash anything with nuts, gluten, or dairy, anything that's not suitable for vegans, spicy foods, and even anything requiring a microwave! Because the packs are all made in the same facility, there is the possibility of cross-contamination for those with severe allergies, though. Your other options are "like," which means you will see the snack more often and "love," meaning you will have it sent regularly.

Isn't it lovely? Who wouldn't want a box of tasty treats?!

The first snack I tried was the Seaweed Rice Crackers, because I didn't think I would like them very much. I didn't. They're not bad if you like that kind of thing and my husband actually thought they'd be terrible and didn't mind them, but they're like little mini rice cakes and the only real flavor was chili, which isn't a favorite. I don't mind spicy so I haven't trashed all spicy snacks, but I usually like it mixed with pretzels. My husband said they were okay, but that wasn't enough of an endorsement to want them again, so I sadly selected "trash" on these. To each his own, though, because it was honestly a flavor preference more than anything. They were fresh and I'm sure lots of people would love them!

Seaweed Rice Crackers
The rest of the snacks, I'm happy to report, made the "like" list. The next one we tried was the Summer Berry Flapjack. This is rolled oat flapjacks (I don't know what flapjack means, but apparently it's basically like a cereal or granola bar) with berry-infused cranberries. These tasted like the Nutri-Grain bars, but the fruit was real, as opposed to the jelly-like center of those bars. A really nice mix and definitely a good snack when you're hungry. Plus they're healthier!

You can't really see the cranberries, but they're there!
My husband wasn't much of a fan of Garden of England, but that's because he's silly. He doesn't like dried fruit, which is unfathomable to me. Anything with fruit - dry or fresh - is pretty much okay in my book! This snack is apples, black currants, and mini strawberries and is just sweet enough to not be too sweet. I almost selected "love" for this but since my husband won't eat it, I don't want our boxes to be geared more towards me. Besides, Graze has so many snacks and I don't want too many repeats. There's still so much to try!

Really - you can't go wrong with fruit.
Finally, we tried Deconstructed Carrot Cake. I knew this was going to be great - or a total fail for us. I like all the ingredients (carrot chews, cinnamon raisins, walnuts, and ginger fudge) but I didn't know how they'd work together. I was also a little unsure what a carrot chew would taste like. It turns out it's apple and carrot with pectin, so a little like a gummy treat. This mixture works exceptionally well together and is definitely the best for just taking a bunch at once, rather than trying each individual item. The walnuts were walnuts, which are a favorite of mine anyway, and the raisins were quite moist. And that ginger fudge? Well, it's very good the pieces are small, because I would have foregone dinner last night for a whole lot of ginger fudge!!

Dear Ginger Fudge, I love you. 
Anyway, that was my box this week! Tomorrow I will be talking about another box of snacks, but this one is far less healthy! I'll say, though, that I did go back to the Graze box as often as the candy last night when I was snacking, so that says a lot for how yummy these snacks really are.

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