Monday, January 12, 2015

Period for Good Review

Period for Good sent us this box for review. This is a subscription service that provides women with their monthly stash of tampons or pads, as well as some treats to ease their experience. When you sign up, you select your products, including the brand, and also a charity. Part of your subscription goes to the charity of your choice.

I absolutely love the packaging, including the stamps on the inside of the box!

As I mentioned in my review of Swaag/TOM Box, the challenge with the time of the month subscriptions for me is that they don't carry the brand/style I use - and I don't have much room for flexibility. However, if Period for Good offered that brand later, I would definitely sign up because I love that they let you pick your charity and you can do something good AND receive something you need to buy anyway.

My box came with a welcome card, explaining the process a little more and identifying the items inside. They note that they try to focus on products from businesses run by women. The package included a bag and basket handmade by Jennifer at Willowtreedecor. It was yellow, because yellow represents the third chakra in color therapy, associated with the stomach region.

Also included were two tea bags - one English Breakfast and the
other Chamomile (my favorite) - along with cramp tabs medication for when natural remedies don't work. The chocolate truffles, two in dark and one white, were from Witor's Italian Praline Selection.

What I loved most of all about this box is that on the back of the welcome card, it actually details what your chosen charity is doing. I was told the story of Dijon, a rabbit who arrived at Best Friends Animal Shelter with four brothers in need of love and care. Dijon is almost ready for adoption now, thanks to the vets at Best Friends and I love that something we all have to deal with (that time of the month) could be used to help animals. I really hope that as Period for Good grows, they will offer more products so I can get on board with them long-term.

Again, I highly recommend this service if you're not as high maintenance as I am during that time of the month (and maybe if you are, as they do offer a wide variety of products - just check if yours are an option). I'll be keeping an eye on any addition to their products for myself.

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